Stitch Fix #2 Review: The Big Blue Box

It’s here! My second Stitch Fix box! In case you don’t know, Stitch Fix is this great service for those of us who don’t care for shopping (or even those who do!) and love a good surprise! You fill out an online style profile, and a stylist chooses five amazing items of clothing that come straight to your door. You then try everything on at home, and within three days, return anything you don’t want! You pay for what you like, and if you don’t want any of it, you’re only out a $20 styling fee (that fee goes toward anything you purchase, though!).

So if you missed my last post, I recently fell in love with this service and the skirt I got from my last fix! Check it out here …

That’s why I got so excited to see this box in my office today, and I couldn’t wait to open it … but I did! It didn’t last long once I got home.

photo 5

With each fix, they include a sheet with all the items and their prices, including how much it would be if you bought the whole box (since you also get a 25% discount if you keep all five items!). You might notice on the left side of the page, though, that this box happened to be very, very heavy on the color blue. I like navy blue, but I also like a bit of variety. I’m much less likely to buy 4-5 items of the same color than a variety in the same box.

photo 1

And the items:

1) 41Hawthorn Red Toulouse Collared Wrap Dress – $68

2) 41Hawthorn Cabochon Flower Necklace – $38

photo 2

(I don’t know why my husband/photographer took my photo with my hair doing those acrobatics, but I didn’t notice it till I uploaded it, so there ya go.)

This dress was the PERFECT length. The fabric was phenomenal. The color was gorgeous. The sleeves were 3/4, which is amazing for me. So many things right about this dress.

But, also a couple of issues. One is the boob pockets again. I had left feedback last time that I didn’t like pockets on the front of a shirt and I wish that had been applied to this dress. That wouldn’t have been a breaking point, though. The kicker was that the dress simply didn’t fit in the shoulders — it was a little big. And the wrap part didn’t wrap around quite far enough for me to feel safe in a slight breeze.

The necklace was pretty, but I don’t think I can ever see myself paying $38 for a necklace in almost any situation.


3) Mak Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan – $38

4) Milo Bird Print Pleated Detail Skirt – $48

photo 4

I actually discovered I already have this cardigan in another color that I bought at a boutique last year. I love the one I have and it gets a lot of wear. It has held up well, although it’s not the best quality cardigan I’ve ever owned. At $38, it’s more than I would normally spend on a cardigan. However, I know it’s an item I’ll wear a LOT, and 3/4 sleeve makes it a year-round staple for me.


From the moment I saw I was getting a bird skirt, I knew I was going to keep it. It’s a bird print skirt! In navy! What more could I ask for? Unfortunately, I didn’t fall in love with it, and I’m not going to spend $48 on something I don’t absolutely love or that I won’t get lots of wear out of. It was also a little small in the waist, and although I have gained a few pounds and it will fit fine pretty soon, I decided to let it go this time.


5) Mystree Phoebe Dot & Stripe Mix Print Cardigan – $58

This was the hardest decision of the box. I wanted to love this cardigan. I love navy blue, I love polka dots, I love stripes! I love cardigans. And this is seriously one of the most comfortable cardigans I have ever put on my body. It is so incredibly soft. It is so, so well-made. Seriously. And if I had more months of the year where long sleeves were needed, I probably would have bought it. But $58 had to be a “love” item, and it was just shy of “love” with the pattern. For some reason, the combination of stripes and dots in this arrangement just didn’t quite work. Can I get the same sweater in a different color or pattern, Stitch Fix?!?


So this time I only kept the one cardigan. There weren’t any “love” pieces in this box like the houndstooth skirt in the last Fix, I’m afraid. However, Laurie is still getting my general style right on! They just haven’t been quite the right pieces. And again, a whole box of blue made me much less likely to keep multiples.

I highly recommend Stitch Fix — even if you don’t keep everything or anything, it’s such a fun process! If you want to try it, please use my referral link so that I can feed my addiction! :)

What do you think? Should I have kept the stripe and dot cardigan??

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